A project by: Bruno Mesz (musician – mathematician , UNTREF - Science and Technology Dept.) and Sebastian Tedesco (designer, UNTREF - UBA).

Research Students: Leonardo Potenza (UNTREF), Camilo Álvarez (UNTREF) and Nicolás Gorla (UNTREF). 

External Collaborators:  María Ceña, Carlos Sztaynberg (UNTREF), Claudio Picotti (UNLAM) 

Past Research Students: Rodrigo Valla (UNQ), Fernando Paz (UNTREF), Facundo Suasnabar (UNTREF), Kevin Herzog (UNTREF), Alejandro Suarez Pryjmaczuk (UNTREF), Fernando Nicolosi (UNTREF), Lucas Vindrola (UNTREF), Iris Saladino (UNTREF) and Eliana Rosales (UNTREF).


This crossmodal instrument responds to notes played on a keyboard producing  combinations of perfumes. Based on Scriabin's note-color synesthetic associations (C red, D yellow, A green, etc.), the aromas are selected based on subjective color-aroma-temperature associations. Lightning varies according with Scriabin correspondences. 

This device works also as a research instrument to investigate perception of smell “harmony” and “counterpoint”, either by itself or presented together with music and light, and articulates with ongoing research on the effect of atmospheres and context on the evaluation of musical emotion.