Erica Bohm at MUNTREF Art and Science Center

July 2019

The artist Erica Bohm inaugurated the exhibition "The sizes of the moon and the sun sometimes look alike" at the MUNTREF Center for Art and Science.

The exhibition presents works from different series made at different times in which the artist investigates several concerns around astronomy and science, literature and science fiction cinema, the history of space conquest as well as the idea of time travel.


AudioStellar at the Tokyo University of the Arts

June 2019

AudioStellar Project was presented at the workshop on Artificial Intelligence applied to Music Composition held at the Tokyo University of the Arts. Agustín Spinetto gave a talk about AudioStellar sampler-like software instrument and how it uses AI to generate a 2D intelligent audio map to organize audio samples by their audio spectrally characteristics.


NIME 2019

June 2019

Leandro Garber and Tomás Ciccola traveled to Brazil to present a demo version of AudioStellar. The project is part of the research carried out both in the Machine Learning & Art Lab within the MUNTREF Center for Art and Science. Currently the project has the participation of several thesis students of Electronic Arts and is open to the incorporation of other students who wish to collaborate. 
The NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) sessions were held at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sol between June 3 and 6.



Open Code Exhibition

Zentrum für Kunst und Medien - ZKM Karlsruhe

May 2019

What kind of relationships can be established among Art and Neuroscience?
Mariano Sardón talked about some of his artistic processes among Art and Neuroscience he has been doing with the Argentinian neuroscientist Mariano Sigman since 2010.
He showed some examples around their production, opening his “artistic code” for exhibiting the way concepts, methods and materials are correlated between Art and Science. 
He went deeper in their way to work in collaboration in order to give some cues about the contexts for creativity and transdisciplinarity.


Credit: Elias Siebert


Credit: Tanja Meißner


Perfume of Yuyos and Alfalfa: Tango aromas

May 2019

Bruno Mesz and Sebastián Tedesco achieved the experimental sound-olfactory performance Perfume of Yuyos and Alfalfa:  Tango Aromas at the Museo Casa Carlos Gardel. It was carried out in collaboration with Camilo Álvarez, Leonardo Potenza, María Zegna and Carlos Sztaynberg; and is part of the Smell organ project developed within the MUNTREF Center for Art and Science.