Cheese and music
November 2021
Finland (Helsinki, Turku, Seinajöki)

We study the influence of the frequency and the energy of  sound on the biomass on cheese bacteria during fermentation, and the effects on the sensory evaluation of cheeses exposed to music during their maturation process. 
Art-science residence
Bruno Mesz obtained an art-science residence from the Kone Foundation in Helsinki for this project.

The Voice of the Body
October 2020
A conservatory to discuss the whole role of the voice as a complex phenomenon of culture in relation to identity and technology. In the presence of specialists in speech therapy and physics, the problem of laryngotomy patients and people from the trans community was addressed, through old questions to find new answers between medicine and art applications.

AudioStellar, a journey to the sonic galaxies (AudioStellar, un viaje a las galaxias sonoras). 
September 2020

The free software carried out at Untref allows to organize and manipulate sound libraries by means of a timbral mapping. Click here to read the full note.
“Deep Un.Learning” exhibition at Fundación Andreani
2020. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

“Arte y neurociencia abren el nuevo espacio de la Fundación Andreani”, (Art and Neuroscience open the Andreani Foundation new space”), by Maria Sepúlveda. TELAM Cultura. Click here to read the full note.
Testing the C3D at Hospital el Cruce
December 2019

Members of the Transorganic Exchanges project presented the C3D to the authorities of the Hospital el Cruce, which included the director of the hospital and the head of the kinesiology department.
Finalists at the Samsung Innova contest
November 2019
The C3D was selected as a finalist in the contest organized by Samsung. The event promotes innovation and entrepreneurial growth, and the project was a finalist in the category of arts and culture.
Emanations of Discourse
November 2019

Exhibition “Resistance and Essence”. LOOP Barcelona 2019. Ideograma Foundation. Curator: Gabriela Berti. Carrer del Consell de Cent, 159, Local A, 08015 Barcelona.
Showcase of the C3D at Sanatorio Guemes
November 2019
The members of Transorganic Exchanges made the first test with the C3D in the Intensive Care Unit at the Sanatorio Guemes. The team was invited by Dr. Diego Pereyra and the wonderful team of doctors dedicated entirely to improving the experience of their patients at the hospital.
November 2019

The members of the Minimal Landscapes project participated in an exchange
between artists and a series of talks with artistic referents within the framework of the Creation Scholarship 2018 winners, granted by the National Arts Fund.


Credit: María Della Bella  


Showcase of the C3D at Expomedical
October 2019

The director of the project, Gala Gonzalez, alongside the other members of the team presented the C3D at the Expomedical 2019, an important event which reunites important health companies to showcase new technologies in the health area.


Crossmodal Coffee Tasting 2
October 2019

Experiment at Argentine Catholic University (UCA) on the effect of multisensory atmosphere on coffee. 

"Impact of music on the temporal perception of coffee evaluated by the Temporal Dominance of Sensations (TDS) and analysis of facial expressions" to be presented at SenseLatam (Brasil, November 2020)

Meeting with INVAP Foundation
September 2019
Members of the Transorganic Exchange project, worked together with Fundación INVAP in the creation of the new device, 'Fonocosa'. Which seeks to help speech to regain vocal expression without the limitations of conventional laryngóphones. Its purpose is to link art and science to develop the communicational potential of people.

AudioStellar at the Tokyo University of the Arts
June 2019

AudioStellar Project was presented at the workshop on Artificial Intelligence applied to Music Composition held at the Tokyo University of the Arts. Agustín Spinetto gave a talk about AudioStellar sampler-like software instrument and how it uses AI to generate a 2D intelligent audio map to organize audio samples by their audio spectrally characteristics.


NEMI 2019
June 2019

Leandro Garber, teacher and coordinator of the AudioStellar research project, and Tomás Ciccola, scholarship student and advanced student of the Degree in Electronic Arts, traveled to Brazil to present a demo version of AudioStellar. The project is part of the research carried out both in the Machine Learning & Art Lab within the MUNTREF Center for Art and Science. Currently the project has the participation of several thesis students of Electronic Arts and is open to the incorporation of other students who wish to collaborate. 
The NEMI (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) sessions were held at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sol between June 3 and 6.


Notes about a journey among Art and Neuroscience
Zentrum für Kunst und Medien, ZKM Karlsruhe,
Open Code Exhibition
May 2019

What kind of relationships can be established among Art and Neuroscience?

Mariano Sardón talked about some of his artistic processes among Art and Neuroscience he has been doing with the Argentinian neuroscientist Mariano Sigman since 2010.
He showed some examples around their production, opening his “artistic code” for exhibiting the way concepts, methods and materials are correlated between Art and Science. 
He went deeper in their way to work in collaboration in order to give some cues about the contexts for creativity and transdisciplinarity.