The Garden

“The garden of curiosity”

A garden can be considered as a particular arrangement of ecosystems that can grow in many expected / unexpected ways due to careful planning and bearing. Initial seeds and land design would grow and shows us the sense of cycles of time and nature development. It engages us with multiple forms and sensations we can’t predict in beforehand despite the proposed order.


The word culture refers to cultivating the land in many languages. Our knowledge and social practices could grow in a kind of designed territory with boundaries more or less established; nevertheless growing cultures are always mixed processes naturally. 


How could we build an ecosystem for culture growing? Well ...Muntref Arte y Ciencia can be thought of as a diverse ecosystem; a cultural garden that disseminates through vast and multiple flowerbeds. Since 2011, Muntref Arte y Ciencia has been weaving connections not only with people from diverse disciplines, groups of students, different institutions and several technical environments, but also inspirational and empathic relationships have been spread in a growing network. The Garden of Curiosity is an interactive navigable visualization work through which we aim to share this cultural diversity. 


When navigating through this environment full of objects, words, sketches and sounds, and by clicking on each one of them, visitors access audiovisual content linked to many specially invited art and science projects.