The Museum of the National University of Tres de Febrero, Art and Science Center, was established in 2010 in Tecnopolis Science and Technology park in Buenos Aires City.

The Muntref Art and Science Center is a nodal space for Artists and Scientists interactions by means of transdisciplinary projects at the very same place. It promotes person to person collaborations looking for relevant common questions for Artists and Scientists.

Since 2010, many projects have been established through different kind of organizations of people and technical resources.

Muntref Art and Science Center main partner is the Neuroscience Laboratory of the Torquato Ditella University for Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience projects. Muntref Art-Sci Center has also established collaborations with other researchers and institutions in Argentina and abroad. Some of them: University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), National University of Quilmes (Argentina), Oxford University (UK), IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center (USA), Turku University (Finlandia), Valencia University (Spain), University College of Volda (Norway), Catholic University from Argentina (UCA), University of Vaasa (Finland), Los Andes University (Colombia), elBulli Lab - Ferrán Adria, University of Perpignan (France).