Lucía Kuschnir

Artist and researcher. She studied Fine Arts at the Fine Arts School of Rogelio Yrurtia, the Degree in Electronic Arts at the National University of Tres de Febrero (UNTREF) and is Magister in Electronic Arts, graduated with honors in UNTREF. Her works have been exhibited on numerous occasions in private institutions and museums and she was invited to give lectures and to participate in congresses on topics that address Contemporary Art and New Technologies. In 2016 she was invited by the Ecole Européenne Supérieure de l’Image (PoitiersAngoulême, France) to present her work and her theoretical research on Translation and Electronic Art that was later published in: "Cahiers du post-diplome Document et art contemporain "Volume 5.

She received scholarships and grants for the development of her work, highlighting: admission and full scholarship to study the master's degree: "Interdisciplinary Art, Media & Design" awarded by OCAD University, Toronto-Canada; scholarship awarded by the UNTREF for the development of a postgraduate thesis; financing to direct the research project: "Electromechanics for talking objects" granted by UNTREF; two scholarships for collective projects and one for individual project granted by the National Fund of Arts (FNA) and scholarship in the "Escuela de artistas" program in Isidro Miranda Art Gallery.

She is currently an adjunct professor in three subject areas of the Electronic Arts career: Seminar of Thesis and Electronic Arts; she is Co-coordinator of the MUNTREF Art and Science Center; she directs the project "HORMIGUERO", a platform of study on Art and Technology; she coordinates "SIERVA", an interdisciplinary group with biologists, doctors and visual artists,  and she is the director and producer of "MdR" an independent network of visual artists.