María Ceña

Choreographer, dancer, contemporary dance educator, designer of natural perfumes. She collaborates in the "Aromatorio" project of the MUNTREF Art and Science Center as a perfumer, performer and choreographer. Since 2000 she has been developing her own language called New Emotionality Dance: a system of movements structured in series (wings, waves, minotaurs, walks, landslides, detained existences, crossovers, etc.), an aesthetic centered on disarticulation, asymmetry and internal rotation and a temporality derived from breathing and bone topology. The core concept of this language, which emerges as an epiphany when surviving the London terrorist attack in 2005, is representation: cancel the performer's ego machinery to reveal the emotionality of the movement dedicated to the other.

Her solo performances have taken place in: Colón Theater Experimental Center (CETC), Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London, Kunsthalle Museum (Düsseldorf), Earport in Duisburg (Germany), Reid Hall (Paris), House of the Bicentennial, Recoleta Cultural Center, CheLA, Tecnópolis, Santa Cecilia's Hall of Edinburgh, Rythmikorjaamo of Finland, San Martín Cultural Center, Osde Foundation, among others.

She participated in the following festivals: Discovering Latin-America 2006; Culture and Media 2009; Biennial of Art of the Areatec Foundation 2010; FASE 3; MIVA - Amazonia video-dance festival; V International Show of Videodança of Sao Carlos / Sao Paulo; II Music Festival for Memory and the Night of the Museums 2012 and 2013; Tecnopolis 2012 video festival; 3rd Film Festival made with Photo Camera (SCDFIII) 2012; Kumuru Festival (Finland) 2012; Mestizo Art Festival (MAF); MARFICI Festival 2013; Young Art Biennial of Buenos Aires; Mestizo Arts Festival (MAF) 2013; Sensibus Art Festival (Finland) 2014 and La nuit des sens croisés (Paris) 2016. And recently in the cycle "Suspended borders" at the MAR Museum (Mar del Plata) and in the annual performance cycle of the ARCIMBOLDO Gallery and in the Festival of ancient and contemporary music Distat Terra at the end of 2016. She presents her movements catalog in a conference at the EHESS (University of Paris VIII), in May 2016, at the MAR Museum and at the Choele Choel Cultural Center, Patagonia Argentina , in December of the same year.