Undocumented Emotions: Aestheticized Capitalism - Dance for the Sea

Bruno Mesz (AR / UNTREF) - Sebastian Tedesco (AR / UNTREF) - María Zegna (AR / UBA)

Aromas: IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances) 

In Aestheticized Capitalism, The public can choose between two vibro-tactile-aromatic abstract compositions and experience the selected composition by leaning their backs on transducers that produce tactile sensations, accompanied by an aroma. Scents are interpretations and / or olfactory translations of the concepts of "money" and "pollution".

Dance for the Sea: In “Dance for the Sea” I annihilate my self and get entangled with the sea.

(Maria Zegna)

Research Students: Leonardo Potenza (AR / UNTREF) - Camilo Alvarez (AR / UNTREF)

Past research student: Nicolás Gorla (AR/UNTREF)