Perfume Of Yuyo And Alfalfa

Bruno Mesz (AR / UNTREF) - Sebastian Tedesco (AR / UNTREF) 

Piano performance: Bruno Mesz  (AR / UNTREF)

The work consists of a performance where a “smell organ” is used to execute a series of tangos that have been smellified in order to explore the cross-modal effects of aroma on the perception of music.


The “smell organ” is a cross-modal system that associates notes of a piano with a series of spatialized aroma release devices.  The selection of the aromas that smellify each tango arose from an investigation of the aromatic references in the universe of tango from its lyrics.

Collaborators: María Zegna (AR / UBA) - Carlos Sztaynberg (AR / UNTREF)

Research Students: Leonardo Potenza (AR / UNTREF) - Camilo Alvarez (AR / UNTREF)

Past research Students: Nicolas Gorla (AR / UNTREF)