General coordinator: Lucía Kuschnir (UNTREF)

Research Team: Guadalupe Alvarez (UNTREF), Maximiliano Cortés (UNTREF), Eliana Rosales (UNTREF), Franccesca DegoasDana Sosa (UNTREF), Micaela Paz (UNTREF) y Cecilia Cisneros (UNTREF).

It is a platform for discussion and critical thinking about the area of confluence between art and new technologies. Summoned by the uncertain limits of electronic arts, the meetings of HORMIGUERO were configured as a place to raise questions and find possible answers. In this way, doubt was established as the work methodology but also as the place from which it is positioned. It is a virtual architecture shaped by different areas: HORMIGUERO reads, HORMIGUERO editorial and HORMIGUERO projects, which are comitted to group reading, collective writing and the development of new content. From all these spaces, critical thinking and exchange with other actors iare promoted as a fundamental premise.