Installation / Performance

Bruno Mesz (AR/UNTREF), María ZEGNA (AR/UBA)  and Janice Wang (CA/GB, Oxford University)


This performance consisted on four multisensory scenes: Narcotic (Faure's music with a heavy "arroz con leche" and smell of roses), Irritant (spicy bread served on the spines of a cactus, with the performance of "Child of Tree" by Cage), Depressive (blueberries put in cold water, dance, music by Radu Malfatti), and Estimulant (champagne and music by Xenakis).


Exhibition design: Sebastian Tedesco (AR / UNTREF)

Aromas: IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances) 

Past research student: Facundo Suasnabar (AR / UNTREF)