Josefina Schmipp

Bachelor in Biological Sciences from the CAECE University. She made her thesis in University of Buenos Aires (UBA), in the IQUIMEFA-CONICET laboratory, Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry. Working in neurosciences, she published a paper as second author and has been teaching for several years. At the same time she has been working as a music and show chronicler for ten years. She specializes in live photos. 

She has published in Rolling Stones, Billboard, Clarín and Pagina 12, among others. She made several collective exhibitions and an individual show called "Romantic Obsession: Photos of Babasónicos and other obsessions." She is the producer of the perfomatic work PART Y (directed by Paula Herrera Nóbile) which was presented at the Buenos Aires’s theater circuit and she made a recent exchange and resided in Puerto Rico (2017). She is the producer of the band Galacticas Mareas (special mention from the Biennial of Young Art 2017) and dedicates herself to her profession of photographer.