Evasion Plan

Bruno Mesz (AR / UNTREF) - Sebastian Tedesco (AR / UNTREF) 

The work explores possible relations of conceptual and olfactory compatibility between the parts of a written universe. It hypothesizes that it is possible to extract, from a text and a series of selections and editing operations analogous to chemical distillation and re-synthesis processes, a condensed essence of the sublimated text in aromatic essence.


The project works from the text of Adolfo Bioy Casares’ novel “Evasion Plan”, where synesthesia is one of the central themes. The piece consists of a large green glass jar from whose interior the perfume of the novel emerges.


The liquid inside the bottle contains an aroma and sound release device that reproduces aromatic references dispersed within the text that converge in a single perfume due to its spatial proximity; from there a weak voice arises (it is necessary to physically approach to perceive it) that tells fragments of the book.

Research Students: Leonardo Potenza (AR / UNTREF) - Camilo Alvarez (AR / UNTREF)