A project by: Mariano Sardón (artist, UNTREF) and Mariano Sigman (neuroscientist, CONICET and UTdT - Neuroscience Lab)

Coordinator: Germán Ito (UNTREF)

Past Research Students: Flavia Laudado (UNTREF), Ignacio Fourmentel (UNTREF), Damian Carreón (UNTREF), Tomás De Mattey (UNTREF) and Gonzalo Ilutovich (UNTREF)

Volunteers are invited to read a text, aiming at obtaining data of the ocular movements during the reading process.  Ocular saccades and fixations are recorded by means of an eye tracking device. A machine reproduces the movement of the eyes on a printed sheet; every time the person fixes his or her eyes on a word, the device also stops at that position and burns it, leaving its mark on a certain syllable or group of letters. As readings accumulate, the text is more and more burnt and disintegrated.