Art & Space Forum

Between August 13th to 15th, the MUNTREF Art and Science Center brought together professionals from different disciplines and countries in the Forum of Art and Space. Through a series of conferences held at the Cultural Center of Science (C3) artists and scientists working in space issues, astronautics, astronomy, astrobiology and cosmology, shared their projects. They also talked about how they do what they do, where they do it, what motivates them, what they are seeking to know and what they don't know. 
At the end of the conferences, an Interdisciplinary Workshop was held with the purpose of analyzing the possibilities of developing transdisciplinary projects, identifying different strategies and perspectives. The aim was to investigate the quality of the relations of mutual knowledge of the practices in artistic and techno-scientific environments.
What kind of personal, technical, institutional and contextual strategies are necessary to establish creative and enriching collaborations of the artistic and spatial exploration? To which extent are these analyzed strategies extrapolable to other contexts within the relationship between Arts and Sciences? 
The Forum was moderated by Mariano Sardón (Artist - UNTREF - AR) and Christiana Kazakou (Interdisciplinary Curator - Plymouth University - UK) and included lectures by Sarah Jane Pell (Artist - Astronaut - International Astronautical Federation - AU), Florencia Laura Vieyro (Dr. in Astronomy IAR - CONICET - AR), Albert Barqué-Duran (Artist and researcher - UK-ES), Dúo Faivovich & Goldberg (Visual Artists - AR), Ximena Abrevaya (Dr. Biological Sciences. IAFE - CONICET - AR) and Gershon Dublon (Artist and engineer - USA).

13th of August, conferences @C3

Speakers: Florencia Vieyro, Sarah Jane Pell, Albert Barqué-Duran

Photographer: Rocío Pilar de Lara

13th of August, workshop @MUNTREF

Photographer: Rocío Pilar de Lara

14th of August, conferences @C3

Speakers: Faivovich-Goldberg duo, Ximena Abrevaya, Gershon Dublon

Photographer: Rocío Pilar de Lara

14th of August, workshop @MUNTREF

Photographers: Cecilia Cisneros, Rocío Traviglia

15th of August, workshop @MUNTREF

Photographers: Rocío Pilar de Lara, Rocío Traviglia