All I have of your memories is a map

Mariano Sardón (artist, UNTREF, AR) - Mariano Sigman (neuroscientist, UTdT - Neuroscience Lab, AR/ES)

The living experience of a place is far away from a map point of view. I think this distance is common in all the experiences we try to share with others by means of our memories and communication. The other one experience is an extreme otherness that nobody can really embody. I asked immigrants to share a memory situated in a specific place of their original towns. I looked for such a place in the map using an eye tracker device that records my efforts to find those references. I cut a map following the trajectory of my eyes. The resulting piece of map (as a skeleton) is a way to grasp part of the narrated story, but at the same time, all I can have from their experience. Project coordination: Germán Ito (artist, UNTREF) Camera: Cecilia Cisneros (ex intern UNTREF) - Lucía Carvallo (ex intern UNTREF)