By Intercambios Transorgánicos

The C3D is an interactive interface that we’ve designed for physical rehabilitation treatments. We started from a question about motivations of patients, and how art and technology could collaborate with a new approach on rehabilitation: instead of repeating movements, patients could always create new movements inspired by their identity and desire. This interface has a physical and web version that has been designed to collaborate with COVID19 pandemic impact on treatments by telemedicine. This project is in collaboration with INVAP, CADIME, Sanatorio Güemes, Alunco, among others. 

Project coordination: Gala Gonzalez

Electronics: Gustavo Wiman (Ingeniero aeroespacial, INVAP, AR) - Máximo Signiorini  

Physical and web:  Máximo Signiorini - Manuel Biderman 

Industrial Design: Sebastián Tedesco (artist, UNTREF, AR)

Therapeutic strategy: Camila Godoy 

Past research students: Nicolás StavorengoJuan Martín Sesali Maydana - Agustina Las Peñas Guevara.