A project by: Gala González (UNTREF), 

Research Students: Ezequiel Marano (UNTREF), Máximo Signiorini (UNTREF), Manuel Biderman (UNTREF) and Camila Godoy (UNTREF).

External Collaborators: Nicolás Stavorengo (UNTREF) and Matias Napoli (UNTREF - UBA).

Past Research Students: Julián Ottomano (UNTREF), Agustina Las Peñas (UNTREF), Martín Aranda (UNTREF), Claus Gabriel Hesse (UNTREF), Leandro Escortell (UNTREF), Alma Laprida (UNTREF), Juan Martín Sesali Maydana (UNTREF) and Christian De Paoli (UNTREF)


Trans-organic Exchanges is a transdisciplinary research team that develops interactive interfaces that allow the incorporation of new media and technologies in the field of health and education through inclusive strategies.  Stressing the building in these areas of an approach that organically links human, subjective, individual and identity all together with the functional aspects. 

The aim of the project is to draw new possibilities in the dialogue between art and science.