A project by: Lucía Kuschnir (UNTREF)

Research Team: Josefina Schmipp (Universidad CAECE - UBA), Viviana Ramos Di Tommaso (IUNA) and Diego De Benedetto (UNTREF)

Past Researcher: Maximiliano Perez (Universidad de Morón)

The process of assembly and use of a laboratory is itself a cultural activity of transformation. 

In any social structure the purchase of techno-scientific machinery implies the acquisition of the means to generate a particular image of the world, and the point of view of who is operating the instruments determines a way to understand it. 

The Taxonomies project investigates the processes of assembly of laboratories, the use of techno-scientific machinery and instrumental types and performs apparatus archeologies. This project comprises records in photography and video grouped in different series:

Series: "Archeology of a laboratory"

Includes a series of close-up photos of techno-scientific devices. The photographs equalize the devices with each other, regardless of the function, the actual scale or the specific use. To make a portrait of each device is the way to pay them a tribute.

Series: "Treaty on the instruments"

In a comprehensive manner and with an arbitrary order, according to the material from which they are made, all the instrumental of the "Optical machines and instruments Laboratory" of the MUNTREF Art and Science Center was cataloged, adopting a structure of subdivisions called sections and registered from the perspective of who uses these instruments.