A project by: Mariano Sardón (artist UNTREF) and Mariano Sigman (CONICET and UTdT - Neuroscience Lab).

Coordinator: Germán Ito (UNTREF)

Research Student: Nahuel Rodrigues (UNTREF) 

External Collaborators: María Julia Carbajal (UBA) y Diego Shalom (UBA - CONICET)


As we read, our eyes move through the text making very hectic and quick movements (named saccades) and very short movements for a while on words called fixations. 

There is a strong evidence the eye movements reflect the mind activity and processing. 

Something that is evident in experiments with readers in front of eye tracker devices, is that it is possible to guess the words that are in the parafonea according to their length and the predictability of the word given by a strong textual context. In line with this, there are words that the eyes look partially at and even in some cases are gone off. 

Using the idea that for a text or a book there is simultaneously one “seen” text and another “unseen” text.  One could say there is a read text and another guessed text. 

Since 2011, we have developed different artistic visualizations and materializations of such a metaphor of reading books.