A project by: Mariano Sardón (UNTREF) and Mariano Sigman (CONICET and UTdT - Neuroscience Lab).

Coordinator: Germán Ito (UNTREF).

Research Students:  Nahuel Rodrigues (UNTREF) 

External Collaborators: Diego Shalom (UBA - CONICET) and Joaquín Ais (UBA) 

Past Research Students: Laila Kazimierski (UBA), Ivan Lengyel (UBA), Emanuel Carrizo (UNTREF), David Irurzun (UNTREF) and Tomás Lilli (UNTREF)


“Morphology of Gazes” is a research project that articulates eye tracking information, neuroscience and electronic art. It deals with the relationship between the gaze and the vision and the way we recognize the face of the others.

By means of eye tracker studies with portrait images, we generate a big database of eye movements of many people looking at faces. We study the way those faces are built by as a collective social construction.

Many artistic works have been made and exhibited since 2010 using eye tracking studies achieved in neuroscience laboratories.