A project by: Mariano Sardón (UNTREF) and Mariano Sigman (CONICET and UTdT - Neuroscience Lab).

Coordinator: Germán Ito (UNTREF).

Research Students: Cecilia Cisneros (UNTREF) and Lucía Carvallo (UNTREF).

We all express ourselves in multiple ways, Words, Corporal language, etc. but in particular, face gestures are fundamental to our expression and the way we relate to others.

In Art there is a whole history of portraiture and gestures. Even with different aspects within the same medium. Like in painting, sculpture, photography, video more recently.

Also in neuro-science, research in the recognition of facial expression and evaluation has proliferated in recent years.

How do gestures allow us to infer the mental and emotional states of other people?

There are indications that even in a very short time, ... of 250 milliseconds, enough information is provided in a gesture to be able to correctly identify an emotion.

A brief gesture, in addition, can be composed of multiple very fast micro gestures that communicate moods.

Then we concentrated on 6 gestures considered as some of the basic and universal ones:

Joy, anger, contempt, sadness, surprise, fear.

We decided to record them with high speed cameras. And elaborate a series of quasi ecstatic portraits.