A project by: Bruno Mesz (musician – mathematician , UNTREF - Science and Technology Dept.) and Sebastian Tedesco (designer, UNTREF - UBA).

External Collaborators:  Diego Alberti (UNTREF) and Juan Cruz Amusategui (UNTREF).


This device consists in a wine glass with sensors that are able to detect two main gestures of the user: when the cup is taken by the hand and when the liquid contacts the mouth while drinking. The sensing is performed through electrodes attached to the surface of the cup, next to the edge, and connected to capacitive sensors. These sensors generate an electric field and work by detecting other present fields interacting with it, for example that generated by the body. 

We extend the detection area to reach the hand holding the cup, using a special non-toxic metallic paint that is employed routinely in glassware. To avoid wiring, the sensor data is sent wirelessly to a computer. In this way the intervention of the object is minimal and its use is similar to that of a normal glass. When the hand and cup are both detected, a sound or vibration is activated.